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The Frisco Community Theatre (non-equity) is holding auditions for

Death by Chocolate by Paul Freed


Directed By Lindsey Humphries 

Auditions will be by appointment September 15 and 16 from 7:00-10:00PM, with callbacks on September 17 from 7:00-10:00PM

 Auditions and performances will be at the Frisco Discovery Center at 8004 N. Dallas Pkwy, Frisco, TX 75034 (Southeast corner of the Tollway and Cotton Gin Road). 

Rehearsals and performances: The rehearsal period will be September 29- November 6, typically Monday through Thursday, 7:00–10:00PM.

There will be 10 performances from November 7– 23 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in the Black Box Theater in the Frisco Discovery Center. Sunday performances will be matinees at 2:30, with an additional matinee the 22nd.

 Requirements: We are seeking 5-6 women and 5-6 men in the ages listed below. Please prepare a one minute comedic monologue and be prepared to read sides from the script.  Bring a headshot and resume. 

Performers will receive a $200 stipend. 

For an appointment, call 972-370-2266 or email

 Description: Lady Riverdale has purchased the Meadowbrook Health Resort after the untimely death of its previous owner.  Now, on the eve of the Grand Re-Opening, a murderer is on the loose and it’s up to her sarcastic and cynical resort manager John Stone and a wide eyed guest mystery writer and amateur sleuth, Ed Parlor to catch the killer- but when everybody’s got a secret and no one is who they seem, the pair of unlikely heroes have their work cut out for them.  They must race against the clock to catch the killer before the resort’s reopening is ruined- or the killer catches up to them!

 Character Descriptions:

LADY RIVERDALE (40+) The owner of Riverdale Chocolates who has just purchased the Meadowbrook Health Resort after the untimely death of its previous owner.  A society woman with a dark past- she’s put her history behind her, but Ralph won’t let her forget.

DYSLEXIA  (20+) Lady Riverdale's assistant and long-suffering secretary.  Dyslexia is competent and professional in the face of the antics of the rest of the employees of the resort.

JOHN STONE (30+) Lady Riverdale hires him as the manager of her new health resort on the strength of their shared past, but he’s more pool shark than fitness guru.  He is quick witted and frequently works wordplays into conversation.  When people start dying, he teams up with Ed Parlor to find the killer.

RALPH DEADWOOD (30+) The Gym Manager who redefines sleezy, Ralph has an eye for the ladies- and a past with Lady Riverdale.  There’s not much he’s above- and blackmail definitely isn’t on the list.  Is murder?

MARGARET DANIELS (25+) A reporter for Elite magazine who is determined to get to the bottom of what’s going on behind the scenes at the grand re-opening- but will she discover more than she bargained for?  Or exactly what she’s hoping to find?

ALFRED MELLOX  (40+) A traditional British butler, Mellox now serves as head of the janitorial staff.  He was, by all accounts, Meadowbrook’s loyal companion and is the one who found the body- but what is it that keeps him tied to the Meadowbrook Health Resort? 

EDITH CHILES (30+) A warm, matronly TV chef, Edith is more known for her recipes- which she’s happy to share!- than for her smarts.  She’s the mother that everyone remembers- but no one had.

"SWEET PEA" MEADOWBROOK (18+) The late Mr. Meadowbrook’s daughter, Sweet Pea has retreated into herself after her father’s death, eating constantly and communicating only through her trusted friend Alfred.  The two have a clear, deep bond- but how deep?  The role may be played by the actor playing EDITH CHILES.

DICK SIMMERING (20-35) The flamboyant aerobics instructor, a la Richard Simmons.  He prefers aerobics to other forms of exercise, where he might break a nail.  Dick is a bright spot of excitement and hyperactivity among the staff.

ANNE SUMMERS (20+) The somewhat obsessive and nervous Nurse of the resort, Anne panics easily in the face of medical emergencies, but she’s a sweet, albeit neurotic, woman.

ED PARLOR (20+) – A guest at the grand reopening, he is a writer whose latest story is strikingly similar to the events unfolding at the resort. He eagerly jumps at the chance to play detective himself and catch the murderer.

HENRY MEADOWBROOK – The previous owner of Meadowbrook Health Resort, he is killed in the prologue.  The character is only seen dimly and does not speak.  This role may be played by the actor playing ED PARLOR. 




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